We can arrange transport to and from various destinations, for example:

FCL Export from NW Europe to Far East
  from NW Europe to USA
  from NW Europe to W Africa
FCL Import from China to NW Europe
  from Vietnam    to NW Europe
  from New Zealand to NW Europe
FCL Crosstrade from Japan, Korea, Morocco, Taiwan to Egypt, Thailand, Nigeria
LCL Reefer from Rotterdam to

Hong Kong 
(mid 2014)


FCL  =  Full Container Load

Arrangement whereby the Shipper utilises all the space in a container which he packs himself.

Crosstrade  =  Shipments between continents other than Europe.

LCL   =  Less than Container Load

A parcel of goods too small to fill a container which is grouped at the coldstore with other compatible goods for the same destination.